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Does Your Firm Perform Estate and Gift Tax Services to Satisfy IRS Requirements?

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We do offer estate and gift tax services to satisfy IRS stock valuation requirements. Discounts are applied to minority holders’ interests and can range between 20%-60%.

Our experienced business appraisers offer business owners in Arizona and throughout the United States stock valuation services including:

  • asset valuation,
  • partnership financial appraisals,
  • machinery and equipment appraisals,
  • equipment valuation,
  • …and more.

Contact us to learn more about our certified appraisers and comprehensive business valuation services. American Business Appraisers has performed numerous estate and gift tax services to satisfy IRS stock valuation requirements. As your certified appraiser we will perform business valuation services with the goal of:

  • Developing and supporting the appropriate level of discount metrics
  • Help minimize or eliminate problems with the IRS

Our reputation for business valuation services precedes us. Entrust the certified appraisers of American Business Appraisers to provide an independent report for partnership financial appraisals and equipment valuations. Our stock valuation services include estate and gift tax services. We employ experienced business appraisers, and will provide our valuation services in a timely fashion. Our estate and gift tax services help you minimize possible valuation related problems with an IRS audit.

Count on us for the best in stock valuation services!


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