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The Bank Is Requesting The Fair Market And Liquidation Value Of Our Assets To Be Used As Collateral For A Loan. Can Your Construction Equipment Appraisal Experts Help?

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Loan officers often ask for a certified construction equipment appraisal or truck equipment appraisal for verification of asset values when submitting to underwriters. American Business Appraisers offers heavy equipment valuation to banks and businesses including construction equipment appraisal, heavy machinery appraisal, truck equipment appraisals, farm equipment appraisals, and more.

Our heavy equipment appraisers are among the best qualified in the industry. As certified machinery and equipment appraisers, we can provide the fair market value as well as the liquidation value of any equipment. Choose American Business Appraisers as your heavy equipment appraiser when negotiating with a bank for a loan.

Many banks count on us for fair and accurate certified machinery appraisals including:

  • Construction equipment appraisals
  • Heavy machinery appraisals
  • Truck equipment appraisals
  • Manufacturing equipment appraisals
  • Farm equipment appraisals
  • Equipment valuations
  • Medical/Dental equipment appraisals
  • Aerospace equipment appraisals
  • Transportation equipment appraisals
  • Testing equipment appraisals

As experienced certified machinery and equipment appraisers, we can get you one step closer to your loan through our heavy equipment valuation services. We can perform heavy machinery appraisals for verification of asset values. We perform certified machinery and construction equipment appraisals based upon our experience and knowledge. As your certified heavy equipment appraiser we can provide fair market and liquidation values in our assessment.

Let our heavy equipment appraisers help you secure your loan. We specialize in certified heavy machinery appraisals that banks count on during the underwriting process. Equipment valuation is an important step in the loan process, and American Business Appraisers can help.

We can help you with your Construction Equipment Appraisal!

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